Construction, Energy Environment & Sustainability

Coimbra, Portugal - September 8-11, 2020
The first International CEES conference, to be held in Coimbra from 8 to 11 September 2020, will be an ideal forum to disseminate recent advances and discuss future trends towards a more sustainable built environment and construction activity. This conference is being, which is being organized by the Itecons (University of Coimbra), aims to bring together researchers, engineers, planners, stakeholders and policy makers from a wide range of backgrounds to address challenges related to innovative construction materials and technologies, building physics and energy performance, environmental effects of manmade infrastructures, industry 4.0 principals, as well as social aspects related with sustainable construction and housing.

I encourage you to submit an abstract for presentation at CEES 2020. The organizers are looking for research on a wide range of multidisciplinary topics.

For more info download the CEES 2020 call for papers and visit the CEES 2020 website at

Comunicato da Marco Filippi
COIMBRA2020 Call For Papers (COIMBRA2020_callforpapers.pdf)