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Dear Colleague,

The 12th "Constructal Law Conference - Freedom, Design & Evolution" will be in Turin, Italy, on 22-23 September 2023, hosted by Politecnico di Torino.

We invite you to attend and contribute: please, save the dates !

The Constructal Law governs all phenomena of design evolution in Nature, bio and non-bio, human made and not human made.

The conference explores diverse areas: Physics of life; Design in nature; Evolutionary design with freedom; Flow shape, structure and constraints, Evolution: geophysical, biological, social, technological, communications, science, literature, city, government, climate; Thermodynamics; Energy, power, and economy; Thermoeconomics, Bioeconomy and circular economy; Information; Complexity; Human beings as part of nature; Hierarchy, Power laws, Inequality, Innovation; Living and non-living from the same point of view; Natural and social sciences together; Art and science together, Predicting evolution, Arrow of time.

Selected papers will be published in peer-reviewed Journals.

Queries regarding the conference should be sent via email to

We welcome you to amazing Turin in autumn...colours, flavours, traditions, culture, food, wine, and art !

Umberto Lucia, Giulia Grisolia, Umit Gunes, Alexandru Morega, and Adrian Bejan

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