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10.09.2013 - Borse di Dottorato presso l'Università di Bolzano

The Ph.D. program Sustainable Energy and Technology at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, is focused on the study of the sustainability in the energy production and use and in the technology development, design and applications.

The main research topics are: renewable energy sources, building physics, energy efficiency in transformation and in industrial, transports, civil and agriculture end uses, environmental design, mechanical design and manufacturing, green mechatronics, new materials development, logistics and processes management for sustainability.

The program lasts three years and its official language is English. Research project in collaboration with international research centers and universities are highly encouraged and students are required to spend a minimum period of three months abroad by some partner institutions. Candidates preferable background is in the area of Engineering and Architecture.

Potential interested candidates can find the public announcement here:

For the next cycle starting in January 2014 application can be submitted on-line here within September, 13th 2013, at 12.00 (midday):

For more details and information: